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The one thing that a bride will almost always tell you what she wished she did different on her wedding day, is hire a wedding planner. Here are some reasons why and they may come as a suprise:


It saves you money! Weddings are expensive as we all know. If you are unexperienced, you have no knowledge of how much anything should cost and the quailty level equivilant to that cost. As a planner, my job is to budget your wedding and keep you under that budget. A good planner will also have many great connections with vendors who give deals to their clients for refferals ;)


It saves you time! A wedding can take 200-400 hours to plan, this can be super overwhelming for a couple who works full time. If you hire a planner, we do any and all research needed to make your wildest dreams a reality. We provide you exactly what you requested in your budget.


It's your day, why stress? A CEO doesn't run their own company alone, right? Could you imagine if they tried? The company probably wouldn't last without employees. Point is, your wedding is once in a lifetime, why step out of your hair or makeup appointment two hours before the ceremony to deal with a late or lost limo or handle the wrong order of flowers that the florist sent? You need to focus on you and your soon to be husband, not the placement of the guest book and flower arrangements.


You can't relay on friends and family. My mom swore she'd help setting up my wedding, until my sister/MOHs dress broke and they were running late in hair and make up. You need someone whose not in or going to your wedding to manage your day. You deserve a stress free day without having to tell friends or family what to do. That's where I come in! I will know your vision, your direction, the work you put in to this, and execute! 


Because we can make your dreams come true. You have looked at Pintrest for days, months maybe years pinning your dream wedding, but do you even know where to start ? As a wedding planner we have seen it all, the sword swallowing performance, the helicopter entrance, the horse and buggy, beach weddings, farm weddings, backyard bbqs and million dollar mansion weddings. Any vision you have we make it happen.

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